bicycle pedestrian accidents

Many people choose to travel by foot or by bike when the weather outside is warm. While this can be a healthy way to travel because it allows you to get exercise and fresh air, but it can also be dangerous.
Pedestrians and bicyclists are often seriously injured in accidents.
Broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and head injuries are the most common injuries among pedestrians and bike riders. In fact, it is estimated that 22 to 47 percent of the people who are injured in a bike accident suffer a head injury. Sixty percent of bike accident deaths are caused by head injuries, and 13 percent of fatal traffic accidents involve pedestrians.

Abrasions are also among the most common injuries. They are often referred to as road rash. These abrasions are superficial, which means that they only affect the surface of the skin. Fractures, strains and dislocations are other injuries that are extremely common. These problems can result in severe pain and deformity.

Injuries not only cause pain and suffering, but they can also be costly. Many people are unable to pay for their medical expenses. If a person is out of work for a long time, then they may struggle to pay for their basic expenses.
Bike riders and pedestrians are most often injured due to the negligence of drivers. Drivers are supposed to yield to bike riders and pedestrians, but they do not always do that. Drivers may also follow bicyclists to closely, making it more dangerous if they need to stop suddenly.

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